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  • Microserver (May 2017)

    Microserver (May 2017)

    The Microserver is an entry level server that runs Windows 10 Professional. This is a great solution for a practice…

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  • Solo Practice Server (May 2017)

    Solo Practice Server (May 2017)

    The Solo Practice Server is ideal for providers seeking an enterprise server to manage their practice and its infrastructure. Our…

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  • Solo+ Practice Server (May 2017)

    Solo+ Practice Server (May 2017)

    The Solo Plus Practice server was the Top Seller of 2016 and has some upgrades for 2017. This server is designed…

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  • Group Practice Server (May 2017)

    Group Practice Server (May 2017)

    The Group Practice Server is our highest pre-packaged offering. This is the big brother of the Solo+ Practice server. You can use…

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